The history of the Garberwirt

The history of Hotel Garberwirt - Interesting information about your vacation accommodations. In 1820, the Kröll family bought Gut Kammerland and the Garberwirtshaus from Count Attens.

In 1829, the property was bought at an auction by Johann Stock for 9,240 guilder and was run for many years to come by various family members. In 1901 after a 30-year stay in America, Johann Leitner acquired the Garberwirt for 22,000 crowns with unrestricted solitary ownership.

From the 1930s, the Garberwirt was run by son Michael and Elisabeth, and in the 1950s, it was run by their son Johann and Margarete from Bad Hall until 1981.

The property was then acquired by Johann Prückl and his wife Hildegard, who sadly died in 2002 from a serious illness. Extensive renovations were necessary, and these renovations were carried out in 2005 and 2006. The Garberwirt then became a business establishment with a 3-star status!

The host, Hans, is lucky enough to manage this lovingly run family business with his three charming daughters and partner as well as son Markus from the Penken Panorahma restaurant.

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